The Wu Shi Taiji Quan & Qi Gong Association is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CH10450) based in Finsbury Park, North London. Our Association was founded by Michael Acton and Grandmaster Li Li Qun (Shanghai) in 2006 and registered as a CASC in 2015.

We teach the authentic Southern (Shanghai) Wu style of Taiji Quan as passed down by Wu Jian Quan (1870-1942) to his senior disciple Ma Yueh Liang (1901-98) and his daughter Wu Ying Hua (1907-96), ‘gatekeepers’ of the Southern Wu style lineage in China.

We also teach an extensive syllabus of Qi Gong practices passed down by Grandmaster Li Li Qun and our founder Michael Acton, who has over many years of teaching, travelling and living in China studied a diverse range of Qi Gong methods.