“A journey of a thousand li begins with a single step.”

Lao Tze, Dao De Ching

We run classes from Monday to Saturday at our dedicated Studio in Finsbury Park, North London (Ground Floor, 20 Blackstock Road, N4 2DW) and on Sundays at the Hornsey Vale Community Centre in Crouch End (60 Mayfield Road, N8 9LP).

Our classes are structured around the study of the Big Slow Form (Da Man Quan) of the Wu style Taiji Quan and associated foundational exercises (Ji Ben Gong). The form is studied in six sections, from beginners through to advanced level.

The form and exercise methods must be practised regularly and to a good standard before you can progress to the next level. At this stage students can choose whether to begin partner exercise Pushing Hands (Tui Shou). This comprises basic ‘single’ and then ‘double’ hand practices, from which essential Taiji Quan martial skills and martial applications are introduced. Students can then also learn a weapons form.

All new students should come to a beginners class to start, and we offer the first class free to everyone so you have the opportunity to come along and give it a try before making the commitment to become a member.

Please notewe have implemented guidelines to ensure our teaching spaces are safe and follow Government guidelines for Covid-19. Please read our member guidelines before you come to your first class.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions it is essential that you book your classes in advance. If you don’t book and just turn up, we may have to turn you away.